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So where's my yahoo? 
I will be directing you to the yahoo site and when you return you should have a yahoo ID. If you already have a Yahoo ID then stay with me.
Bookmark this page
Go to Yahoo to get your yahoo ID and come on back. Make things easy for yourself and bookmark (add to favorites) your yahoo home page or better yet make it your home page.

Welcome back, or if you never left I will assume (oops you know what that makes me) you already have a Yahoo ID.
If you had trouble getting an ID send me a note and I'll get one for you.

So where do we go from here?
Well it's back to yahoo to get a free area to hold all of the files we will generated during the creation of a web page.
Stay with me here because if you are not familiar with what follows it can become confusing and we want to "KISS".
Go to your yahoo page  yahoo  and look for a link to geocities or click here for geocities.
  • If you are prompted for an ID and password use your Yahoo information.
  • Sign up for a free web site
  • Find the area labeled ADVANCED TOOLBOX and click on the link to FILE MANAGER
  • Click on FILE MANAGER  (this link will take you to your storage area)

A little about this storage area:
Think of this area as an extension to your C drive directory, you get to it by typing in the URL path which should look something like this:
"" where abc123 is equal to your geocities (yahoo) ID, then go to the file manager.

Make sure you are in the file manager and you will see a file named index.html. That's where it all starts. Every website's home page is called index.html.
The best advise I can give you now is create a web page using the page wizard and or the page builder. Yahoo has done a great job making these instruction user friendly. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you can always start over again and remember the only price you pay is your time.
If you need assistance along the way email me and please be as specific as possible as to your problem

And now on to  HTML land!