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Understand tables and you have 90% of basic HTML!  
By now you should know some basic HTML. I will be developing a quiz that you must pass before going forward. But for now I'll have to take your word that you feel comfortable with some basic HTML.

The next step toward an understanding of page design is getting a good handle on what TABLES are and how they are used. So here we go:

row 1 column 1
row 1 column 2
  row 1 column 3
row 2 column 1
row 2 column  2
row 2 column  3
row 3 column 1
row 3 column  2
row 3 column  3


row 1 column 1  </TD>
row 1 column 2</TD>
row 1 column 3 </TD>

row 2 column 1  </TD>
row 2 column 2</TD>
row 2 column 3 </TD>

row 3 column 1 </TD>
row 3 column 2</TD>
row 3 column 3</TD>


  • <TABLE> starts and ends the table.

  • <CAPTION> and </CAPTION> places a caption over your table. The caption will be bolded and centered.

  • <TR> is used when you want a new Table Row to begin.
         Notice that you need to end every table row with an </TR>.
  • <TD> denotes Table Data. You put this in front of every piece of information you want in a cell.
         You need to end every one that you open with an </TD>. 

  • </TABLE> ends the whole deal.

AT this time if you are comfortable with an understanding of HTML I will send you to a site where I first learned HTML code. The site is free and there is a book that augments the site that is certainly worth the price but is not a necessary purchase. The site is by Joe Burns. After viewing this site you may never be be back so good luck but if you stay with me I'll continue to attempt to make this a KISS course.