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Let's try some HTML! 
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This is a language that your browser will interpret and create a web page based on your instructions written using HTML.] If you have played with the Yahoo page builder and looked at the code you generated then you are somewhat familiar with this language.

The next step I took attempting to learn web design was to find an editor that would help me build HTML code. You can use ant text editor similar to NOTEPAD but I was looking for an editor that would be user friendly in terms of generating code.

I have tried over 15 different editors in my quest for the perfect tool and picked "1st PAGE 2000". This was my choice because it was easy (KISSkiss) and the price was right (free).
To download a copy of this software go to and do a search for "page 2000" or try  this link.
After you have spent some time with "page 2000" try Netscapes 7.0 composer, this editor makes creating tables as easy as boiling water.

As you go along you may decide to use a combination of editors, as I now do, employing the best features from them.


Some tips on using 1st Page 2000:
bluestar Learn all about the toolbars and how they speed the coding task
bluestar Create your own customized toolbar with tags you use frequently
bluestar Use the "mycode template" feature - this is where you can save code that you will use repeatedly
bluestar Analyze code written by experienced programmers.
     Here's how: When you go to an Internet page you can copy it's source HTML code and paste into page200. This will help you to dissect the code using page 2000's edit and preview features. To copy HTML code just right click on the page you want to copy and look for a menu item relating to "copy source". Then paste this onto a blank page2000 document.
I don't believe this procedure violates copy write laws, just do not publish anything without authorization.

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