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This is a demonstration page of some of the systems The Computer Helper (Ernie Pirone) has developed in the last few years. Most of the links are not functional but should give potential clients an example of the many types of systems that I have developed.

My basic philosophy as it pertains to clients and web development is to get the job done right and to the satisfaction of the client. I've always been noted for giving my clients a little "extra." Now that I have started using rent-a-coder, I plan to build solid and lasting business relationships .

Financial compensation is secondary to client satisfaction.

My current discounted fees are the result of initiating relationships with rent-a-coder and it's clients. These are introductory offers; clients should not be concerned by my low- priced services, they in no way reflect the level of service I provide to my clients.

I have changed the name of my company from The Computer Helper to Smallbizsoftwaresolutions and I am in the process of developing business stationary and other business related items to reflect this change.

I hope you will give me the opportunity to work with you and develop quality business applications that will be beneficial to each one of us.

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